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How lmap works?

Online English Classes via video conferencing, anywhere any time.

You don’t have to worry about taking notes or saving the material. The class will be recorded automatically and will be kept on the server, so you can review it later.

Teaching English with videos
Learn English online with competency-based training

Each unit includes several exercises and assignments. By doing these either oral or written drills, students will be assured that they have successfully learned different skills. Online exams will be audited by computer and the assignments will be automatically passed to the moderators. Eventually, these assignments will be examined in detail; therefore, you would be aware of your mistakes and progress in each skill.

Online classes with native Teachers

Learning with a native speaker is one of the fastest and most practical ways to achieve outrageous results. It’s a great experience to have a native instructor by your side at home.

Learn English in your pajamas!

If you ever feel uncomfortable or you might be wearing casual clothes, you can just turn off your webcam and attend the class without any concern.

English online teaching in casual clothes
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English Courses for adults

Accompanied by more than 300 professional and native English teachers all around the world, we can satisfy our clients with any English proficiency level. Our comprehensive courses include 25 terms which have been programmed to help any learner from A1 to C2. Each term takes about 1 month (12 sessions). Therefore, even if you are at the most basic level, you would see yourself as an expert in English within 2.5 years. Our courses include as the following:

Elementary Course:

This course includes five levels. Students with basic language abilities in English can start from here. After completing this course, students are expected to:

  • Introduce themselves properly
  • Ask questions or answer them, in ordinary real life situations
  • Talk about their family or friends, habits, and daily routine
  • Communicate while being on a trip, at a shop or a restaurant
PRE Intermediate Course:

During this five-level course, learners gain the following competency:

  • Speaking with more confidence
  • Understanding and writing simple or friendly letters in English
  • Using more practical grammar and vocabulary in conversations
  • Participating in Pre-IELTS courses
Intermediate Course:

After passing all the five levels in this course, students will be able to:

  • Talk more fluently and on top of that more accurately in general discussions
  • Comprehend and extract the general purpose behind every complicated text
  • Participate actively and with less inhibition in IELTS or TOEFL classes
Upper Intermediate Course:

In this course, the focus will be more on expanding students’ vocabulary knowledge, making innate sentences, and knowing how to put them into use. This course is set up to help learners obtain the following skills:

  • Participating in complex and professional English discussions
  • Understanding and following the conversations in a TV show
  • Writing a simple essay in English without any difficulties
  • Using more practical and advanced grammar
Advance Course:

The final course is designed with special attention to learners’ fluency and accuracy. By completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the English news and programs
  • Participate in almost any discussion while using advanced vocabulary and grammar concepts
  • Write complicated essays in English
  • Prepare themselves for teacher training courses (TTC).

Benefits of online speaking course:


Flexible in terms of time and budget

Free placement test for learners of all ages

Private and Semi-Private classes

Quick progress (achieving advanced levels in just 25 one-month terms)

English conversation

Online semi-private speaking-based classes at a glance

High quality with reasonable fee

3 to 4 students tops in each class

Daily classes with flexible schedule (2 or 3 sessions per week)

Most popular training course according to LMAP users

Online conversational language

Online private speaking-based class features the following benefits: If you would like to speak more in online classes, and have a better interaction with your teacher, this course is meant for you.

High quality, considering the most amount of time given to the student

Planning the lessons according to students’ needs

Providing students with the opportunity of choosing the best time for their own online classes

Online conversation

Learning on a budget : The tuition fee for LMAP online classes is much lower than in-person classes. Despite the high quality classes, it is even cheaper than other online English institutes around the world.

Cheap online English

Learn English, free and online! : Considering our goals and accomplishments, LMAP has become an expert in online English teaching. Therefore, creating free educational content for those who cannot attend online classes has always been one of the main concerns of LMAP moderators. Accordingly, we attempted to create educational podcasts and free cartoons or English grammar with videos in our blog. It is available for all learners without having to pay for anything. For more info, check out this post.

Online English Learning Institute : One of the main features of LMAP is that there has never been any in-person class, instead the website and the functional structure of the company and its staff is optimized for teaching English language on an online platform. Our specialty included only teaching the English language, not any other languages. Our mission is to offer only one professional service and focus on it completely, rather than sticking to multiple services.

English language online

LMAP; the oldest online institute in Iran

In LMAP, we do not simply offer guaranteed learning, we make sure you achieve your goals in learning English. It is proven to be true by the following factors:

کلاس زبان رایگان

Presenting the best educational material: The educational contents in LMAP are provided by a group of outstanding teachers, which are taken from the best resources in the world and optimized for online learning.

Online IELTS language class

Professional teachers: A teacher, in order to be eligible to teach in LMAP, should pass through a series of restrictive procedures. In addition, we examine the teachers’ qualifications by observing their classes and holding different training courses during their career.

Language conversation class

Supporting atmosphere and educational technologies: In LMAP, it is necessary to support a student in any possible way and no matter what level of English they have, they will be encouraged to speak English. Additionally, students will be connected to each other through a platform called “Face MAP” so that they will be able to speak English with more confidence.

Online language training for adults

Quality Check: Online classes in LMAP will be observed by supervisors in order to achieve the best in teachers’ quality, arrangement and schedule of the courses.

English language online

Feedback: The quality control team will discover the current shortcomings via direct phone calls, online surveys or emails, in order to solve the issue as soon as possible. For this, all calls by the support team or the quality control team will be recorded. Below you can check out some of students comments and their feedback:


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